Energy Industry
(Hyrdo, Biomass, Electric, etc.)

We have performed a wide variety of work, both onsite and in our shop.

Onsite work examples include: installation of shop fabricated platforms, rails, walkways, safety cables, pipe replacement; replacing gold gate skins with new; penstock repairs; gearboxes; and rigging services.

Shop work examples include: runner shaft repairs, trash racks, bascule gates, stanchion beams, flashboard pins, turbine guide bearing rebuilds, gate chains, and weir boxes.

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DMS Machining & Fabrication serves a variety of customers across the Northeast. We add value to your business process, construction project, planned system maintenance, or emergency repair.

  • Design & Engineering
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Precision Machine Shop
  • Industrial Hydraulic Shop
  • Fabricating
  • On-Site Repair Services
  • Inspection & QA

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