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We take great satisfaction in our many times over proven ability to perform as Makers doing what most can not comprehend or even know where to begin, let alone how to finish. In no other area is this more apparent than in the fabrication projects accomplished in our main shop.

The shop is 400 feet long and spanned with multiple bridge cranes. There is a 10 ton crane at each end of the shop sharing a common rail with both a 5 and a 7-1/2 ton crane. There are three building ells with 5 ton bridge cranes in support of fabrication activities.

Steel Fabrication Services


Most projects begin with offline programing of our 8’ X 12’ hi-def plasma burnout table in one of the ells. Parts are brought into the shop and formed as necessary. If the part is to be punched, we use our 90-ton Piranha P90.


 If material is to be rolled, we can handle up to ¾” by 8’ on a three roll or .665 by 6’ on a Bendmak 4 roll NC.

Created by Andi Nur Abdillah from the Noun Project


If material is to be bent then our capability in press braking includes a Pacific 12’ 200 ton hydraulic and a Pacific 12’ 600 ton hydraulic. The 600 ton can bend 1” mild steel plate by 10’ long.

Created by Andi Nur Abdillah from the Noun Project


When sawing is required we use two Marvel Verical Tilt with one at 18” X 20” and the second at 18” X 24”. Shearing machines include an Accushear ¼” X 12’.


For cleaning off mill scale and grime on smaller pieces to prevent weld porosity, we use a Wheelabrator shotblast machine. For larger pieces beyond the Wheelabrator capacity, we perform shotblasting, usually as a final surface finish before painting.


Painting per job specifications is the critical last step before shipping in our main shop. Tractor-trailers can then back into the shop and take the product after the paint has cured.

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