Field Services

Field Services

We deploy our crew daily to work on construction sites, hydropower and biomass operations,
aggregate and asphalt plants, educational facilities, hospitals, and ski areas. Our most common
field activity is installing onsite what the shop machinists and fabricators made in the main
plant. While frequently this is our onsite work, our field crews are also highly skilled when
onsite fabrication is required.

Whether installation or fabrication onsite, the strong rigging skills of the DMS fieldman are
essential and of particular pride (as well as amazement on the part of customers in particularly
challenging situations!).

Our Field Services

Field Trucks

Our field trucks are essentially shops on wheels – late model Ford F-550s with four-wheel drive, dual rear wheels, and 11-foot utility bodies. We carry, in part, saws, drills, rotohammers, sledgehammers, oxy-acetylene torch setups, welders with rod, suitcase welders with wire, jacks, comealongs, hoists, wrenches, sockets, drives, all basic handtools, chains, shackles, required PPE. We are known for not borrowing tools from other trades or, worse yet, the customer. We come prepared to get the job done.

Mining and Safety Health Administration Certified

Our usual range of operations includes New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Our crew is Mining and Safety Health Administration certified with an excellent Safety record. We begin each day onsite with a crew’s safety meeting to review site conditions, work to be performed, and identify any potential safety threats.

Daily Report

We also end each day with the crew leader meeting with the customer and getting customer signature on our Daily Report, which lists the DMS workers, the hours of work, travel time, accounting of the actual work performed, and any conditions or circumstances to be noted. The customer receives a copy for their records. Our time and material invoicing is based upon the Daily Report.

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